Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Quick Hello

Wow. Seems like I've been away forever. Hmmm..well, since July. I guess that is practically forever.

I still log in to my blog because I still like to read several of the blogs on my blogroll. I admit, I don't comment much....and I know that doesn't seem fair as when I was blogging frequently, I longed for comments. That was one thing that just made me smile on a cloudy day. A comment. I don't comment much though for a couple of different reasons. One..I am usually lying in my bed when I am reading and it's very difficult to type while lying down...and the other being that while not contributing to the blog world by posting, it's almost like I don't feel worthy of commenting. Like I have to visit in secret. I'm weird...I know.

I have missed you all though. Seems though things are very busy. School and my substituting is back in full swing. Lots of sickness and they are keeping my phone hot. Big Dan seems to be doing well in college. Right now though, I would be hard pressed to find blog topics that don't involve some whining....and we all know those are not what we are interested in. I just wanted to say hi.

It's Fall. I love Fall. Happy Fall Ya'll.
Scrapper Mom