Thursday, December 24, 2009

We Interrupt This Series of Posts..

to wish each and everyone of you a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It is my prayer that if there is anyone who has not yet received the gift of Christ that you will not wait too late to let Him come in. "Let Every Heart, Prepare Him Room".

Happy Holidays,

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nearing the End..Part 1

Not the end of the world....but the end of 2009. I can hardly believe it. It's been a year of so many emotions for me, which is probably subconsiously one of the reasons I stopped blogging for a season. It has been hard for me to put into words some of the things I've been through this year. That and the fact I didn't figure any of you would really be too interested in hearing about it.

But one thing I have missed by not blogging the last 6 months is being able to go back and read a recap of my life....which is important to me. I think I was my own biggest bloggy fan. I loved going back and reading past post. Seeing what my life was like on paper...and reliving the good parts in my mind...and the bad.

So, my friends, I am going to take the next week or so and (for myself) try to remember the things that have taken place in our lives in the months passed, and the things that have made an impact on my life. This blog, in it's own way, has taken the place of a book journal for me. Shame on me, for letting it go. Read if you like, or just pass on by, it you'd rather, but at least I can feel like I've done what I set out to do when I joined the blog world.

I checked back to see where I had left off posting "informative" stories of my life, and it appears that the last thing of any essence that I talked about was our trip to the lake. According to my windows photo gallery, it seems the rest of the month of July held a 4th of July celebration with my church family, a visit with my friend, a week sponsoring Little Ann and other little chickadees at church camp, and a rocking chair redo.

Remember this? Believe it or not, I think we have accomplished everything on the list. It looks much better.

With August came our Vacation Bible School with the setting in Rome this year. We had a good time as always.

And, of course, the first day of school. The 6th grade for my Little Ann.

and Freshman year in college for my Big Dan.

It wasn't as bad as I thought because he chose a local University that allowed him to commute instead of moving off into a dormitory. Of course, his first day was much too hectic for him to stop and let me take pictures, so I had to do the next best thing. The first semester is now over, and I strongly suggest anyone that has a "soon to be" college student. Let them start the classes first before buying books. We spent $700 on these books and several of them, he never even used. 1st college lesson learned.

Til next time.......