Friday, June 26, 2009

Sometimes Kids Are Just Plain Funny

Like when your youngest comes up to you, hugs you, and proceeds to squishy, squishy the flags that are supposed to resemble triceps all the while saying to you...."Mom, I don't want you lose weight in your arms. I like them squishy. They are soft and like my pillow".

Yeah, well, thanks for that, but if that fat decides to disappear, because I am so dedicated to my diet and my 4 miles a day, then who am I to stand it it's way? I'll buy her something else to squish.

But the funniest thing that stands out to me is this comment made by my oldest a day or two ago. It was the day Pete and I both thought our cell phones were going to explode because Big Dan was calling every minute of every hour and the conversation ended with something kind of like this... "Hey, mom, Bubba said I could take out the easy payment plan if you and daddy would just come down here to the motorcycle shop and co-sign for me".

Say What?

Is it as funny to you as it was to me?

You just have to know Big Dan. He doesn't get excited about too much. Studying, no. Bringing down his laundry, no. Going to work, nope. Taking out the trash, well, nada. Even the dating scene doesn't seem to get him too worked up anymore, but I will tell you this. When he gets something on his mind, that is ALL HE TALKS ABOUT for hours. For days. For weeks even. And that is complete with pictures that he forces you to look at, and videos he whines about until you stop and watch.

Big Dan has his heart set on this.

Somebody save me. I'm trying to ignore it, but it's just not going away.

And you know. I am really glad he has found something to get excited about. I'm really glad he's found a reason to save his money and some motivation to go to work. But to me, it's just plain funny how oblivious he is to the real world.

My rebuttal to him asking for my signature on the dotted line? I said "No honey, I'm happy you are excited about your motorcycle, but we won't be helping you go into debt the summer you get out of high school."

"But Mommm!, Bubba says it is the easy payment plan...only $95 a month for 2 years."

all the while I'm thinking..ok, what after 2 years? what about the insurance? I bet Bubba didn't bother to explain the little word interest to you, did he?

I was thinking seriously about marching myself down to that motorcycle shop and thanking "Bubba" for introducing my naive child to the wonderful world of credit. Or maybe a size 6 1/2 shoe......ohhhhh..nevermind. I just get frustrated at how these business people prey on those that don't know any better especially my kid.

The easy payment plan. I love it. This comes right after Pete and I read Dave Ramsey from cover to cover and began our mission this past January to become debt free come hades or high water.

I know Big Dan's gonna learn some great, valuable lesson from our denying him the easy payment plan. He's gonna save, and be frugal and look so cool on his new bike one day...and it's gonna be paid for.....and he's gonna be proud. And I might even get on back and go for a ride with him.....

or not.

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Sissy said...

An 18 year old with a motorcycle is a dangerous thing. My dad had several bikes and he would never let my oldest brother drive one...he said he didn't have the right temperament for a bike and helped him get a car instead. I think he wanted my brother to grow up a little bit more first. Eventually said brother did get a bike and he was very responsible with it. I think he was 32 by that time!