Saturday, June 27, 2009

Let's Just Clarify Something...My Fears

Before all 5 of you who actually read my last post about a motorcycle begin to think that I am fearless, and am okay with the fact that my 18 year old son who has no previous experience on any kind of motorcycle and spent a very limited amount of time on an atv as a child (yes, because of his mother's fears), I must clarify some things for you. The post was actually just poking fun at my teenager and the wonderful theory of now, pay later.

Oh believe me. I am not fearless by any means.

I fear many things.

Snakes for one. They freak me out. Just looking at them through the glass at the zoo brings on nightmares for weeks.

I fear closed doors at night. What if something happens to one of my kids, or my house catches on fire and I'm the last to know?

I'm afraid that when I die, people won't be able to find good things to say about me.....(I mean if they talk bad about Michael Jackson, what are they going to say about me?) And what if no one comes to my funeral? I guess I shouldn't care. It's not like I'm actually going to be there either.

I am afraid of cruise ships and airplanes. I like my feet to be on solid ground and I've never been on either of these. Don't know if I can ever bring myself to do it. Pete is hoping I'll conquer these particular fears. (I'm working on it)

I don't like shopping after dark. Dark parking lots are spooky and it's not a good feeling. I'm so vulnerable...and clumsy.....and female. A prime target.

I have never let my kids eat hard candy. What if they choke and I can't revive them?

I have always had a fear of things men put together such as rollercoasters and those crazy swings at amusement parks that have you flying over water. What if one just flies right off? The one I happened to be on?

I had a dream one time I drove off a bridge. Since that dream, I have greatly feared not being able to get myself or my kids out of their seatbelts and out of the van. So much that I had Pete purchase a glass breaker and seatbelt cutter to help my insecurities.

So just in case there is any question...I defintely do not want Big Dan to save his money all to spend it on a motorcycle.

Even the very thought of him on something that goes from 0-125 mph in 60 seconds...(or whatever it does)....

terrifies me!

You better believe I'm scared.


Aubs said...

I just love you! And and i could sit and chat for hours about our fears as we have so many of the same ones! ha! I spend so much time in prayer that i can conquer my fears and find peace of mind. I think i'm a little crazy but it helps to know i'm not alone!! =) Hugs!colby

April said...

Oh, I'll second what "Aubs" wrote...we all have a lot in common, but I have been on 4 cruise and I've flown many times. Easy peasy...nothin' to it, I promise.

When the kiddos turn 18, most of it is out of our hands...they're adults! So, do a lot of praying, girl, that this too shall pass! I would be terrified, as well! YIKES!

Sissy said...

I can totally relate to your fears. I am completely paralyzed by snakes, I don't like to fly, but I do it, and I am creeped out in badly lit parking lots.

And, do you remember my Gobstoppers post about how I choked at a teaching seminar in front of a room crammed with people?

Love you through it, though.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I haven't been around for ages, and have missed your posts, so tonight has been a good catch-up night... You've done a bit of travelling - lucky you! Wonderful photos... I loved New York... As for the motorbike, well, it sure is spunky, but man! I'd be so like you in my response... he'll get it one day... I hope this find you well and happy, and happyily scrapping... are you??? I have been lately, and loving it... Blessings to you! Naomi x

Four O'Clock Quilt Company said...

Your fears are my fears too! I was always afraid of SIDS, my hubby had a sister die very young, and lots of other things. Also hubby is a fire pilot, you know the ones that drop the slurry so close to fires, I've had to live every day of the last 34 years worried about him! I don't like planes, believe it or not! I hated roller coasters but I let my kids go on them because I didn't want to give them my fears - I figured they'd come up with their own soon enough. I never leave the house after dark by myself. Life is tough, hang in there.