Sunday, July 19, 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog...That is the Question

I just visited my blog. Something I haven't done in quite some time. I noticed I had one post for the entire month of July. It seems I have lost that loving feeling. The one that lasted a year, but is having trouble finding it's way back.

I've become so overtaken with life, and seem to spend way more time on my facebook. And although I have felt overhwelmingly guilty for forsaking my blog friends, it's not been enough. I have considered shutting her down altogether several times, but then again, that seems so final. Not sure I wanna do that either. I'd miss you too much.

Maybe I'll just say goodbye for a season. Can I come back, if I should have a change of heart?

I can be a little indecisive at times.


Aubs said...

Of course you can come back...i hope you do! You will surely be missed but i do understand how there are time when blogging just takes a backseat....hope you are having a fabulous summer!!

Sissy said...

I certainly enjoy reading about your life. I tend to find that summertime is a slow blogging time for moms. I now have tons of time with my summer off, but all you moms out there have kids at home! Just when I have time to spend online, you all disappear. It's natural.

April said...

You come back anytime...I'll still be here! I enjoy reading your posts and would miss you dearly, but you do what you have to do!

Naomi said...

I recall writing a post similar to this one... phases in life... we all do what we have to do, want to do, or need to do. Come back whenever you feel like it, that's what I'm doing. I made a quick exit from FB, and wrote about why in one of my posts. But, I'll stay in touch with you.... you're worth it. Naomi x